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January 6, 2013
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Mass Effect - Marriage by Berserker79 Mass Effect - Marriage by Berserker79
With the Reapers destroyed and peace all around the galaxy Shepard and Ashley finally had the chance to take some time to visit Ashley's home on Amaterasu and get married! Ideally, this follows Shepard's marriage proposal depicted here [link]. :)

BTW, I know the lights in this pic suck, but I was bored by too many attempts at improving them and the sheer amount of time spent on this pic, so I'm afraid you'll have to live with that... ;)

It feels almost forever since I've been working on this picture, so much that at least two other really nice marriage pics of Shepard are already out there. You can check them out here:

"With This Ring..." by :icondblack930: [link]
"Superheroes" by :iconlittle--miss--mia: [link]

Made with XNALara and edited in Paint.NET.

Models used:
Shepard formal Alliance uniform by nach77 [link]
Ashley meshmod by me based on the following:
- Face/NecK: ME2 Ashley evening dress model by Goha [link]
- Hair: ME3 Ashley romance model by PrincessFelia [link]
- Wedding dress: Lightning - Wedding Dress by Danniellahill [link]
Ring(s) by DecanAndersen [link]
Roses by BubbleCloud [link]
Bouquet ribbon extracted and edited from RE6 Deborah Harper model by KamsonX [link]
DMC4 Fortuna main environment by SumireHaikuXNA [link]

Additional resources used:
Elaborate Wood Frame 3 by EKDuncan [link]

Mass Effect, Shepard, Ashley Williams and all other game related assets belong to BioWare and EA.
RE6, DMC4 and their related assets belong to Capcom.
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RickOShay1 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
Very nice, though I don't care for the kind of dress that reminds of the bellbottom pants.
MrAug360 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
Yeah this should be a cutscene that will be shown at the end or at the Citadel DLC. Or maybe just some point in the game
Berserker79 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
Wish they considered any of those options... :roll:
GhoulMine1 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
"May you never be seperated until death"
"Or atleast until the end of the 3rd game"
Berserker79 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
:rofl: That's exactly what me and my Shepard have been thinking aloud at the end of ME3...

... luckily I can still think of my pic as an alternative ending of sort! ;)
GhoulMine1 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Yeah, I have a pretty good idea of how my ending would have went.
Care to hear it?
Berserker79 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
Sounds like you got a story there! :) You should consider uploading that, bet there's a lot of people happy to read about alternative endings for ME3! :D
GhoulMine1 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
I actually had a thought about the ending.
Now there are 3 different ays for it to go.
The synthesis beam, that giant light that lets go in and control the reapers themselves and then that core that you can fire at to destroy them, which would give the cliffhanger ending if you have a high EMS score.

So how about this, incase Shepard talked enough to Tali, Legion, Kasumi, or anyone with tech knowledge, he could have tried to look into the core's parts, and then dissassemble and protablise the main structure that controlled the reapers stability.

With that, he could then walk up to the synthesis beam and only keep his hands on it till half way through.
Then he could just toss in the core while keeping it on a tether from whatever output was still left on them both from the synthesis beam and let it fry up into the control beam.
This in the end would let the core burn out it's own, the synthesis beam's, and the control beams energy into him.
Then it's all a case of, Shepard's has control of the reapers, and he would, infact have the ability to turn them on Harbinger, then keep them as his own, to decide about organics or destroy every Reaper with a snap of his fingers, instead of destroying all synthetics overall.
Shortly after the power would all burn out of him and he'd just collapse there.

Later when the shit falls, they find Shep's corpse, though since he was also part synthetic from all the different parts of him, plus all the different energy he managed to absorb, they label him dead.

Give it a day or two and he wakes up, morphs into a stream of green particles and travels through anything synthetic, while also having the power to bring himself into his organic form, fully solid, though his eyes will be glowing like TIM's, only green, and he'd have alot of Matrix-esque green markings across him.

This would most likely apply with FemShep as well.

I may yet post this, depends if it seems logical enough.
Though it's just my excuse to make him like :iconcolemacgrathplz:
I can't help it, I'm an obvious fanboy :XD:
CmxTony1 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
Now how come this couldn't be part of the Mass Effect 3 story?
Berserker79 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
I support Shepard and Ashley getting married, but unfortunately BW didn't... :(
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